so.. that's what happen... heheeh

so.. just as I thought.. something did happen.. and i don't know about it.. but then.. i just found out about it.. and it turn out to be fine.. ok.. no problem.. nothing matter really..

heheheh.... it's weekend.. and this saturday (28/2/09) and sunday (1/3/09) .. there will be a friendly match between ump, uitm and uia...

For saturday, Uitm Pahang will come for a visit.. then on sunday... UIA Kuantan will take the next turn. Well.. of course i have to participate... for the senior team..

We'll see what happen tomorrow... i gonna be teaming up with khairi and firdaus. Thus completing the 2008 Royal debate team. But this time without Kak nadiah. She went home. Family matter I guess..

Hope all of my friends can come and watch.. See ya tomorrow. Hope i can perform well..