It's been two weeks since my industrial training started. My place, Ann Joo Steel Berhad which is known to produce steel product. I was placed at SMP-MM ( Steel Making Plant-Mechanical Maintenance) and further specialise in CCM operation.. that is continuous casting machine. All the guys there is really nice. The technicians and engineers really knows their way around the factory.

Every tuesday there will be a PM-day. That is preventive maintenance day. This is the day that usually they allocate about 4 hours for repairing any necessary parts thats need to be repair. Sometimes if there is too many problem, the repair time could take up to 8 hours. This is the time where the technicians and engineers rush their way to tune the machine to it's perfect condition.

A lot of things that i have learn even within two weeks time. The most important thing is that safety is very important in workplace. Respecting each other is important in life.... I'll always remember that.. till next time.. not forgetting.. i'm happy now.. thanks..