Asalamualaikum and very good day... hehehe today i want to show off my bike.. hehehe.. guess what... here's the spec

CC: 249cc
Gear: 6 gear
Top speed: as fast as you wanna go
fuel type: petrol
Stroke: 4 stroke
Seat: 2 seating
colour: blue+ a little purple
Origin: Japan (country of the rising sun)

Anyway.. it's a very good bike since full tank is only rm25 and you can go from alor setar to penang then go back to alor setar without refueling.. pretty safe haaa... well something came up and i have to sell of the bike.. my laptop broke down.. costing only the repair about's that... better buy a new laptop haaaa... i really need a laptop since i have to do my final year project. All the designing and analysis have to be done using software. So there's nothing i can do..... Since i only got the bike.. so might just want to sell it off... so that i can buy a laptop... It's ok... next time i'll buy a ducati... hehehe.. oopppsss.. by the way.. i buy the bike for only

rm5000 ...

DUCATI 1098... i wanna ride one of these..

But... the bike went to the workshop last week... the piston got jammed.. the piston ring was loosen and it got caught up with the piston. my engine block got sleeve. Have to do top overhaul, then it could run again... got some good memories with that bike.. but.. first thing first..

So... my theory is... know the limit of your machine.. if you push beyond the limit.. you'll pay the price..

My advice.... know your machine and understands its' needs.. Bye..



February 22, 2009 at 2:40 PM

bleyla mntk tlg beli mee kari!!