she said i'm wrong

he said i'm wrong

they say i'm wrong

everyone say i'm wrong

i'm sorry... i am wrong

The wrong me...

kapchai pon ok pa...

Salam and good day to all.. just got back from Langkawi. On friday night, i ride my kapchai from kulim to Aloq Staq. Arrived at my Uncle's house around 10pm. Then this morning, I ride back from Aloq Staq to kulim. Hehehe... I stop for a while at R&R Gurun and meet a pack of superbike riders. Most of them riding this BMW GS1100.. It got some nice sound.

SOme of this guys fill up their tank up to RM40... hohohoho.. My kapchai cost around RM6 just to go from Kulim to Aloq Staq.. Big difference right.. Then i went to get some drinks at the petrol pump.. Suddenly one of this superbike guys staring at me and laugh.. He said "EX5 ka...?" I said "yes... why..?" He replied.. oppsss.. Nothing.. I know this think he's some big guys because he ride this bmw... After that they all left leaving me in the petrol pump.. No problem...

After a while i continue my ride and after a few kilometers i saw this BMW rider at aside of the rode.. seems like his bike got a puncture.. hehehe.. big bikes got no spare tube ekk... hohohoho.. to make it worst, he got left behind by his friends and his phone credit got expired. lucky i stop by and lend him my phone.. Kapchai pon ok what.... hehehehe.. See you next time.. BY the way, only two and a half month left for my practical..