it's been a long week. The water crisis that happen just making it become worst. Not to mention it's hot. A few things happen during this month and some of them is not something good to be remember.

The water crisis that hits UMp this time is the worst. A week without water in UMp making the study week a very unpleasant period for every one. Even after the exam starts there still no water. Well, UMP starts to have water again after a week the exam starts. Everyone was wondering why it keep happening because report has been done since the establishment of kuktem. Gambang was badly hit by this crisis. I have to find shower outside UMP. Some of friends went as far as the R&R in the highway to find water. Well, it's ok now, the water supply is good. maybe they got the problem fix, for a while i guess before it starts to happen again.

Apart from that, the exam weeks kicks off. I have three paper to be sit and all of it what we say killer paper. Intermediate strength of material, Mechanical Vibrations and Industrial engineering are among the crucial paper. I've sit for Strength on 23/4/2009. It's ok although having some problem with the question. After finishing the last paper on 30/4/2009, i'm going home for a while. Rest and relax at the beach of Langkawi.

One more thing, my bike got sold to a buyer from KL. He's 55 years old and the first thing that pop up in my mind is can he ride the bike. Well he can and he ride it alone back to KL. I can't tell you the price that has been agreed. It's confidential. heheehe. Since the bike is sold, i might as well find another one. Maybe an EX5 would settle this. I'm thinking about buying my mother another bike then i'll take her ex5. But i need to talk to her first. That should not be any problem.

Somehow i feels like i miss someone. I miss my mom of course. But there is someone else... wonder who she might be.. :-)