so.. that's what happen... heheeh

so.. just as I thought.. something did happen.. and i don't know about it.. but then.. i just found out about it.. and it turn out to be fine.. ok.. no problem.. nothing matter really..

heheheh.... it's weekend.. and this saturday (28/2/09) and sunday (1/3/09) .. there will be a friendly match between ump, uitm and uia...

For saturday, Uitm Pahang will come for a visit.. then on sunday... UIA Kuantan will take the next turn. Well.. of course i have to participate... for the senior team..

We'll see what happen tomorrow... i gonna be teaming up with khairi and firdaus. Thus completing the 2008 Royal debate team. But this time without Kak nadiah. She went home. Family matter I guess..

Hope all of my friends can come and watch.. See ya tomorrow. Hope i can perform well..


busy day....

no entri...



The Star Online
Wednesday February 25, 2009
Malaysians not so hot in bedroom

KUALA LUMPUR: A surprisingly high number of Malaysians are not sexually satisfied, a survey by pharmaceutical company Pfizer has revealed.

Two out of three Malaysian men and three out of four women are not satisfied with their sex lives, the Asia-Pacific Sexual Health and Overall Wellness survey stated. Malaysians are ranked sixth among 13 countries but, if it’s any consolation, Singaporeans fared worse. They are in eighth spot.

India topped the list with 70% of the respondents saying they were satisfied with their sex lives while Japan reported the lowest sexual satisfaction rate at 10%. “The Malaysian figure is higher than the overall Asia Pacific results where 57% of men and 64% of women reported being not very satisfied with sex,” said Dr Rosie King, who led the study in the Asia Pacific region from May to July 2008.

“The survey links the level of erection hardness to sexual satisfaction for men.” said Dr King during a roundtable discussion at a hotel here yesterday.

The level of erection hardness is measured in a scale of one to four using the Erection Hardness Score (EHS) developed by the European Association of Urology.

“Level one is like tofu where the male organ is large but not hard, level two is similar to a peeled banana where it’s not hard enough for penetration, level three is like an unpeeled banana where it’s hard enough for penetration but not completely, and level four is similar to a cucumber where it’s completely hard and fully rigid,” explained Dr King.

The men were required to evaluate themselves using the EHS during the survey and 40% of Malaysian men reported that they experienced erection below grade four.

Compared to their EHS grade four counterparts, these men have sex less often, are less sexually satisfied, and may suffer from lack of self confidence, or worse, depression.

“We found that greater sexual satisfaction is strongly associated with greater satisfaction with life overall. Generally, men and women who are highly satisfied with their sex life have a more positive outlook on their relationships and life.

In Malaysia, 102 men and 100 women were selected nationwide based onage, marital status, education level, and income to participate in the survey.

So Malaysians... what do you think..? is it true...?

Think.. think.. think..


Today is the most boring day.. it's Tuesday.. this morning i went to the cae and failure analysis class. Class starts at 9 am .. i felt very sleepy... i don't know why.. after that, at 10 am.. went for the Ethnic Relations class. It was my turn to do presentation... and i went up to the stage... bla bla bla.... answer some question and that's the end of the class... when i got back my room.... i just think i want to sleep.. and there it goes.. went to the bed.. sleep until 1.25 pm... how's that... the i realized i got class at 2pm.. rush to bath... perform zohor... at 2 pm I'm at the class... but actually... the class that evening was cancel... because of a professor from Korea who actually giving a talk on mechanical engineering that evening...

Well... that's okay.. i just go back to room... and end up sleeping again... heheeh.. i don't know... i like to sleep.. besides all the stuff that i mention in my profile...

10.30 tonight... i have a meeting with mt of orator... the debate club.. don't know what's it's all about..

Tomorrow i have a Vibrations test.. 8pm... man i don't know what to answer... God please help me...

something i want to share.... before going to bed last night... something struck me...

an old saying says that

perempuan yang baik hanya untuk lelaki yang baik
(good women only for good man)

kalau orang dah tak suka... janganlah dipaksa..
(if someone don't like you.. don't force it)

dalam dunia ini.. akan sentiasa ada orang yang lebih baik daripada anda
(in this world, there is always someone better than you)

so... think about it...


Today is monday, date: 23/2/2009... i woke up at 6.15am because the alarms was beeping.. turn it off and went to sleep again..

but then woke up again... realising that i haven't perform subuh yet.. went to find water.. take ablution.. then perform solah.. went back to sleep..

Last night i went to the debate training.. with a moody feeling... and i end up waiting again for the others to come.. you know.. that's the main reason why i don't want to debate.. it's not because anything.. but it is because of attitude.. i mean how long do I have to endure all of this... i can not to come at any of the training... I myself have the psm to be done.. PSM is the most important thing in the life of a student( in my university).. if you fail psm... the you have to extend or repeat it... i know i'm not good enough in debating.. i never win anything... but i just want to share what i know so that all of my juniors can be better than me...

Seriously... i don't know how long... how much more can i take this... even i have quizzes... tests... xm... thesis to be made... assignments to be done.. but.. i can come on time... actually i don't like to wait.. when people waits for me it makes me feel ashamed and embarrassed of myself...

when is try to ask what's the problem that you guys didn't come to training... you guys seems to avoiding that's question...

i don't know what to say... i don't understand...



man.. i'm so not in a good mood...

feel free to comments... i don't mind..
p/s.. no theory today...


Asalamualaikum and very good day... hehehe today i want to show off my bike.. hehehe.. guess what... here's the spec

CC: 249cc
Gear: 6 gear
Top speed: as fast as you wanna go
fuel type: petrol
Stroke: 4 stroke
Seat: 2 seating
colour: blue+ a little purple
Origin: Japan (country of the rising sun)

Anyway.. it's a very good bike since full tank is only rm25 and you can go from alor setar to penang then go back to alor setar without refueling.. pretty safe haaa... well something came up and i have to sell of the bike.. my laptop broke down.. costing only the repair about's that... better buy a new laptop haaaa... i really need a laptop since i have to do my final year project. All the designing and analysis have to be done using software. So there's nothing i can do..... Since i only got the bike.. so might just want to sell it off... so that i can buy a laptop... It's ok... next time i'll buy a ducati... hehehe.. oopppsss.. by the way.. i buy the bike for only

rm5000 ...

DUCATI 1098... i wanna ride one of these..

But... the bike went to the workshop last week... the piston got jammed.. the piston ring was loosen and it got caught up with the piston. my engine block got sleeve. Have to do top overhaul, then it could run again... got some good memories with that bike.. but.. first thing first..

So... my theory is... know the limit of your machine.. if you push beyond the limit.. you'll pay the price..

My advice.... know your machine and understands its' needs.. Bye..


Today i'll talk about my psm. PSm stands for project sarjana muda or Final year project. My psm title is portable pineapple peeler: an ergonomics approach. In this topic, i have to do research on how to improve the pineapple peeler that already have in the market in terms of ergonomics. What is ergonomics? well.. from my reading of relevant sources, ergonomics is fitting the work to the worker. meaning that i have to improve the person's position when doing job so that he or she won't feel any disorders when doing the job. Mostly jobs that have repeatating procedure and have long hours of working periods. Almost forgot, y psm focused more on the sme( small and medium entepreneurs).

But, when you look at a pineapple, you will think that it is much more easy to peel it just by knife and hand. Although there is tons of peeler in the market, but none of them fits the needs for an ergonomics purpose. I found one gigantic peeler that is big as a house. It can peel about 100 pineapple per minute. pretty fast huh...? but the cost of the maintainance is slightly costly. that might give you a second thought about buying it. There's also small peeler that is used in the kitchen, but not so economic because it cut to deep just because to make the shape looks like a cylinder.

SO.. It is my task to improve the pineapple peeler..... hehehehe


first step

Good day to all.. this is my first entry for the blog.. hope everyone can help me out with this kind of thing. you know... trying to get used of the device in the blogging sector... hehehe.. AVE... hope this blog will be my site that i can post what i feel, what i think, and many more.. thank you..