due date

Man.. what a week.. i'm running out of time for my PSM1. i have not done completing several things about it. The design of the peeler need to be adjusted. The trip to FAMA was cancel due to some technical problem. The literature review need to be rewrite. That's also includes the introduction. Besides that, i need to stay at college to finish up the prototype for the peeler. well.. I'm just using RP(rapid prototype) but it cost a lot. Even to use the machine have to be brought and discuss in the faculty meeting. Which mean no holiday for me...

Well, i'm still gonna go home. Just for a short while after final exam. Take a relieve moment along the beach of Langkawi. HEehehehhe, no kidding. don't be jealous.. huhuhu. maybe for a few days trip to Langkawi then i'm off back to Kuantan. Trying to finish up the prototype. But then the design needs to be clarify by Ergonomics expert. Which UMP does not have.. according to my PSM supervisor. Which mean i have to clarify my thesis with expert outside UMP. Meaning more time waiting.

Besides PSM, this week is the most extreme week. The water supply got cut off and it's hot, really hot. Even the cafe operation got lag due to no source of water. Imagine that.. But still.. Everthing works out fine.



March 25, 2009 at 10:49 PM

teruskan usaha anda!!! he3