busy week

This week is the most busiest week for this semester.. l have to finish up literature review for my thesis. Not to mention the design for my pineapple peeler.. well.. everyone say it's easy.. just a peeler and all kind of stuff.. but when you do it, you will feel the tension and all kinds of horrible stuff when you doing work.. the design itself takes me about two weeks to be sketch. it's not like we can just sketch it the way we want it, but it have to follow certain rules that has been bound. For my thesis, I'm using ergonomics approach in improving the pineapple peeler. It's not easy because every little detail of the design has it own purpose. I have to refer to manuals and books that have the guidelines in designing thing according to ergonomics. Everyone knows when using ergonomics we can minimize injury during working besides increasing productivity of the worker.

I have read a books on ergonomics and one phrase that capture my mind is " good ergonomics is good business". Seems like ergonomics have something to do with money after all.

OK.. got to move on with my work.. Daa...


  D' onLy oNe

March 10, 2009 at 10:39 AM

bz konon..hehe
xpe2..cheer up.jgn tnsion2.klu tension,gi training debat..hehe


March 11, 2009 at 11:00 PM

busy nye...
xpe terus gigih berusaha...k