Lot of works to do.. they all busy to go on a holiday... Asked boss for a leave and what he says... ' no.. you can't take leave... bcoz we are going to start production soon.. DDDDDDDDDddaaaaaaaa... I'm not even Senior Engineer... why he bother have lots of SE when he had to depend on Engineer. might as well fired them bcoz they all to bz go on a holiday rather than to stay at the office..

I've been working straight start from Raya until now.. Even Raya only 3 days on leave.. Even the one doesn't celebrate raya take leave for four days.. Now I can't take leave at ALL... ok ok... wait n see...

I wanna buy one of these and take a holiday for a ride around malaysia..

Honda Africa Twin.. Rally Paris Dakar Legend..

Yenn's Visit

Last week my honey (Yenn) comes to visit me at Penang bcoz she had an interview at penang. She brought along her sister and mom along with her dad. Third time meeting those folks.

Picture tells a thousand words... some pics Yenn with me.. seems like she lost some weight.. :-P

Luv u honey.. mmuahh..

A weekend in Tanjung Malim

Last weekend i had the chance to go to Tg Malim because Yenn wants to visit her sister.I tag along from Penang with Mr Neo support by Mr Garmin. It's beent two month since I last meet Yenn, might as well go meet her since she's dying to meet me.. :p. Enjoy some pics snapped along the trip.

Having lunch with expensive Pizza Hut's soup.

Yenn and me.. I had gain some weight but still slim.. hahaha

Tanjung Malim olskool town

Bundle in Tg Malim.

Bought a few shirts at the bundle. Didn't had the chance to take the pics. Anyway.. that's all for now. I luv u yenn...

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Nurul Syazrin Bt Roslan. 22-6-2011 means that your are getting old by 24 years old.. But I'm stil 23.. hahaha... I don't mind you are getting old because i'll always love you..

Happy Birthday.. I Love you.


Yesterday (18-6-2011) mark the second anniversary for my girlfriend and me.. Thank you for always being there with me when ever I really need you the most. Thank You dear.

Thank you Nurul Syarin Roslan.

KL Trip

Went to KL last week to my Honey..

Although she will always feel that i never love her.. Only I know I love her..

I'm just a man who lost his soul to the darkest place in the world where no where to be found. I know no one would believe me.. Not even her even if I say I love you millions time.

I Love you Nurul Syazrin Bt Roslan..

Thanks for everything.

Trip to Terengganu

I was on a holiday for three days from 31st dec 2010 until 2nd Jan 2011 and had the chance to go to Terengganu for a date with my girlfriend (Syazrin aka yenn). Here's some pics from the trip with my black neo cps. Enjoy...

On the way to Grik Perak

Stop by at Perah RnR

Road to Tasik Banding

At the top of Titiwangsa

Very thick fog

Very cold too...

Ikan Bakar

Udang goreng tepung

Me with my honeybunny

P/s. I luv u honey...